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Passport Related

We are here to help you and explain each terms before filling passport application form. Under our guidance we ensure your passport will arrive to you as fast as no others.
We can help you in following issues:-

  1. -Fresh Passport Apply
  2. -Passport Re-Issue
  3. -Tatkaal Passport
  4. -ECNR
  5. -PCC

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Job Related

We guide you to the appropriate company where you can able to grab a reputed position and able to utilize your skills for your further developments.
We have contact of many companies in abroad like China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and many more foreign countries.
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Admission Related

We will guide you many colleges in forgin countries like Ukrain, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal and many more for medical and also for engineering colleges.
Below are some college you can see

  1. - Bangladesh
  2. - China
  3. - kyrgyzstan
  4. - Nepal
  5. - Philippines
  6. - Russia
  7. - Ukrain

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